About Little River School: Little River School Online is hosted and facilitated by Roseann Murphy and Magdalena Palencia. Little River School Online is a forum for information with an opportunity to ask for answers to ongoing parenting and child caring issues. Little River School Online is all inclusive…everyone is invited…students, parents, educators, child care providers…anyone who wants to know. Our online community hopes to provide a resource for great articles, helpful feedback and everyday problem solving.
About Roseann Murphy:We started the blog in 2010 to share our expertise, memories, and the methodology used to enrich the unique Little River School infant/toddler/preschool environment.. Prior to writing the blog, I spent nearly four decades in the Early Childhood Field as a Child Care Advocate, Owner/Director  Child Care Centers,  Professional In-Home Child Carer, Family Child Care trainer, Resource and Referral Coordinator, Teacher, Parent Coach, Workshop Leader, Foster Parent and Adoptive parent.  One of the most memorable experiences in my career began in 1979 when I met and trained with Magda Gerber and Resources for Infant Educarers.  Over the course of my career, parenting fads have come and gone.  What stays constant in the field are the fundamental methods of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber.  I now reside in Northern Illinois and continue my work as Parent Coach and Workshop Coordinator.

About Magdalena Palencia: Education has always been the leading passion in my life, teaching in all levels of education from pre-school to the university level. After earning my elementary teaching diploma, graduating with a degree in History and Geography in Buenos Aires Argentina, I taught for 5 years at the secondary school level and 5 years as a university professor. Upon moving to Mexico I worked as an advisor to the Mexican government researching methods of pre-school and elementary school that had great success in Argentina and adapting them for Mexico at the state level.
When I arrived in the United States I had the pleasure of meeting Roseanne Murphy through my children’s elementary school. Given Roseanne’s extensive background as a professional and innovator in the field of childcare and development, I was deeply impressed by her ability to apply her many years of study in such a practical way as the founder of the very first and only school in Malibu to focus specifically on the Pickler Gerber methods of education.  Our professional relationship and friendship lead us to create Malibu Infant Toddler School and then Little River School.  We spent many wonderful years witnessing the success of Little River School students and now we are delighted to use this blog to share Little River School with the rest of the world.

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