Posted by: Roseann Murphy | July 22, 2014

Grief and Miscarriage

Simply beautiful blog. So sensitive and respectful. I wanted to share with you in case you had not see it before. Thank you to friend and colleague for posting this blog.

Whisper of Change

I recently learned of a friend who experienced a miscarriage and it brought to mind the ways grief effects men and women differently and how invisible they can feel both to each other and to the world. So many partners do not talk about their feelings to each other or anyone else. Sometimes those feelings can cause problems in their relationship and they never understand )why all of a sudden they no longer feel the closeness they once had. This is true of couples who felt they were not ready for a child and can not understand why they have the feelings that they do.
I would like to share 13 things that all couples should be aware of and I hope it brings some peace and comfort to those who going through the heartache and pain of this type of grief

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1. Some women who lose babies through miscarriage…

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