Posted by: Roseann Murphy | May 22, 2013

Magda Gerber’s RIE: Very First Conference

A repost of an article from “Educaring Resources for Infant Educarers.” Vol 1 Number 1 Winter 1979 by Rhonda Garcia. The very first Conference presented by Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler at the University of California, Los Angeles Campus thirty-four years ago. If the conference were held today, the words would hold the same importance today as it did then. Hope you enjoy revisiting the past…

Little River School Online

 Today, November 1st is Magda Gerber’s Birthday.  Magda’s impact on the child care community continues today and  will  continue long past my lifetime.  Thirty-seven years ago I was fortunate to participate in the child caring panel at the conference.   My dear friend and colleague, Norma Friend was also a member of the panel representing family child care.  We had the opportunity to share with the conference goers the significance of  Magda Gerber’s teachings  on  children and parents in our programs.  After all these years, I think of Magda daily.  There are many of us who experienced the passion of her work first-hand. I particularly love Rhonda Garcia’s insight into Magda’s presentation at the conference…she sums up Magda and her work……”Magda left us with the feeling that she understood our dilemmas,”  ….breast-feed, bottle-feed; wean abruptly, wean gradually; start solids at birth, breast feed for years; feed according to the clock, feed…

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