Posted by: Roseann Murphy | June 28, 2012

“Photos Gone Wild” Respect privacy of children on the Internet

I posted this article some time ago. Since that time a few changes have been made when it comes to photos of children. Facebook has taken a stand on photos of children being breastfed. Many people are not happy about the change. I support breastfeeding, I also support children’s privacy when involved in intimate/private family moments. I continue to see photos of toilet training and statements on FB updating the world on a child’s toileting accomplishments. I am an advocate of privacy, especially for those in our family who have no voice in what is posted about them in most intimate moments. If a site is closed to only family members, I suppose posting developmental updates is acceptable, but for the world to see…not so much! So I chose to repost this article. “Months ago I came upon this article in The Huffington Post and after reading it I was convinced to complete the post  that I have been holding on to for so long.”

“My article is short, to the point and as “clear as water” for those who want to see.  For some unknown reason parents and caregivers continue to post the most private and intimate of photos of their children.  The one mentioned below brought many comments of distaste and disdain for the gentleman (I use the word lightly) for posting the picture of his nearly naked daughter. Not surprising, the number of posts in favor of the picture far outnumber the comments wishing he had not posted the picture.  The father sees nothing wrong with posting this photo of his innocent daughter.  He mentions the fact is “his daughter” and sees nothing wrong with sharing this moment with the world.

I ask myself if that means all stops are pulled.  We have children and we have carte blanche permission to post whatever we want?  It is our “right” to talk about the intimate details of their toilet training fetes?  It is our “right” to show them on the toilet half clothed and tell all the intimate details of the words they use, where they pooped last…how they urinated on the floor and were made to “help” clean it up?

I am all for helpful information on the web.  I have spoken with and counseled parents for over thirty years.  I never did nor will I ever cross over the line of dignified and respectful conversation regarding the child that has no say in the conversation.  Over the years we had many moments that could have been construed as cute or funny, but if it had to do with private and intimate moments we did not share them with anyone but the parents.

I would like to start a movement, one that asks for a moratorium on posting pictures of children on the toilet, nursing, and standing naked for one reason or another. These are family moments that are intimate and private. These types of photos are not cute.  They lack the dignity and respect we all wish for ourselves.  The pictures are posted in the name of “sweet and darling”.  And we wonder why our adolescents are posting sex texts and who find nothing wrong with exposing themselves to their peers.  These children are arrested, banned from schools and put in rehab…How come?…they are just doing what their folks showed them.  Maybe we can trace back and see their parents posted them naked on the toilet or breastfeeding and thought nothing of it. “Clear as water” in my opinion.  Parenting has to include dignity and respect.”

Post by: Roseann Murphy


  1. Thank you for stating the obvious. Too many parents are clueless as to why their children should be treated with dignity and respect. What you expressed is what they need to hear. Thank you.


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