Posted by: Roseann Murphy | March 20, 2012

Memories of Magda pt.2

Memories of Magda pt.2

by Magdalena S. Palencia

In the late 60’s in Argentina, during a conversation with my cousin about  her studies in education, she asked me if I heard of an Orphanage in Europe. She mentioned just by chance that Dr. Emmi Pikler was making breakthroughs in developmental education that challenged traditional parenting. I remeber being very intrigued.
At the time I was not aware  of Magda Gerber, but clearly the work that she had been doing, including brining this new kind of thinking to the United States, was leaving a lasting impression. It was not until many years later, in 1989 that Roseann Murphy would afford me the pleasure of introducing me to child specialist Magda Gerber at a conference.I left the conference with a lovely impression of Magda Gerber, who even with a demanding schedule and no clear idea of who I was, had the grace and patience to talk to me during a break.Even while people were lined up behind us, I fondly remember her taking the time to speak to us. In her special way, she looked at my name tag and said  “Oh look, we both have the same name” recognizing that we had the same name on our name-tags despite being from very different parts of the world.

When I see first hand the benefits that Magda Gerber’s teachings have in the lives of children, I am reminded of the lovely impression she left with me. I always have admired how far ahead of the times she was. Many of the observations that Magda Gerber made about childhood development many years ago are still being confirmed and reconfirmed through scientific studies today. It was a real special honor to have met such an incredible person.

Post by Magdalena S. Palencia

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