Posted by: Roseann Murphy | June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011 Little River Thought of the Day

In Latin American countries the person who cares for young  children is called “Educadora,” a title emphasizing the importance of the caregiver’s role.  In America we are more accustomed to hearing a child carer as a “Nannie/maid.” Interesting information to keep in mind, “the definition of nanny is a female goat and traditionally a “nanny-house” refers to a brothel.


  1. For the last thirty years it has been my hope that the professionalism of the child carer might be enhanced. Secretaries are now called Administrative Assistants, Stewardesses are called Flight Attendants…all names that enhance the importance of these professions. Child Care has tried. Instead of Day Care it is now called Child Care….Family Child care Providers instead of Family Day Care Providers…Early Childhood Educators..there is a small movement to professionalize the important role. Where the change is blatantly lacking is in “in your house” caregiver. The nanny/maid term refuses to change with the times. The enduring term that is associated with Mary Poppins is no longer acceptable. Anyone with access to children on a regular basis “teaches” them, even if they are not hired to teach. I am hoping that in 2011 there will be a movement to call a “nanny” what they really are…teachers of young children.


  2. Excellent thought for the day


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