Posted by: Roseann Murphy | June 15, 2011

Art and Little River School

Little River School and Malibu Infant Toddler included a diverse population. Parents and children came from every walk of life.

If you look closely at the photograph of the children in the “White Room” you will notice a mural on the wall. Magdalena and I have often commented on the lack of photos of the school in action. We realized that the day was so filled with children’s activities we did not take many photos. But we think you can see enough of the work to get a feel for this beautiful project.

Taylor and Levi Woods are alumni of LRS and MIT. Their mother, Carol Henry is a world famous artist. During the early days of MIT, we also provided after school care in another facility. The Adventure Club was designed to work with children kindergarten through eighth grade. Carol Henry and the children of Adventure Club and MIT designed, drew and colored the sea life mural that hung for years on the wall of Adventure Club and then Little River School. The mural was a joint effort between the children and Carol. Carol took their ideas and suggestions and included all sea creatures the children suggested. Adventure Club/Malibu Infant Toddler and Little River School were just blocks from the ocean…thus the focus on the ocean curriculum. Carol drew the outlines of the sea animals and the children painted the drawings. This work of art still hangs today in a home in Malibu. The memories attached to this mural are there forever. The children drew and colored as they chose… the youngest of children picked the colors and colored inside and outside the lines. The mural began as a huge canvas. The art was “portable” and could move between the two facilities when the children worked on the sea creatures. The collective effort of this project accentuated the respect that our program had for each child’s ability to see art through their eyes. This project took long and luxurious months to complete. The children colored and drew when they felt the desire. The project was self-motivated, making the end result a project filled with great accomplishment.

Carol Henry has a beautiful studio and website. The link is attached. Taylor is an accomplished artist in his own right and currently a student at the San Francisco School of Art. Levi is a student at MHS pursuing his life’s dreams.

Post by: Roseann Murphy

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