Posted by: Roseann Murphy | December 29, 2010

The Science Of Mother Love

At Little River School we continue to present articles that educate, enrich and enlighten the people closely involved with an infant’s  brain development.  (Infants are categorized as children from 0 – 3 years of age)

The articles we post on brain development do not advocate a certain style of parenting. They are posted for the important information they contain.  We as parents, educators and researchers must avail ourselves to all the information.  We can decipher the information and take from it what we will, the most important reason for posting these sites is to heighten our awareness.  This is what will make a difference in our child’s life.

This is a very useful article for parents and educators that contains some serious information about the mother-child relationship. It provides some insight into the science behind the effect of a mother’s touch.

The Science Of Mother Love

Posted by Cori Young on December 28th, 2010
Yummy Yummy Mommy Love 

A growing body of scientific evidence shows that the way babies are cared for by their mothers will determine not only their emotional development, but the biological development of the child’s brain and central nervous system as well. The nature of love, and how the capacity to love develops, has become the subject of scientific study over the last decade.
New data is emerging from a multitude of disciplines including neurology, psychology, biology, ethology, anthropology and neurocardiology. Something scientific disciplines find in common when putting love under the microscope is that in addition to shaping the brains of infants, mother’s love acts as a template for love itself and has far reaching effects on her child’s ability to love throughout life.

To mothers holding their newborn babies it will come as little surprise that the ‘decade of the brain’ has lead science to the wisdom of the mother’s heart.

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